2020’s Most Popular Baby Names

The numbers are in for this year’s most used baby names. If you’re expecting I always suggest branching out of these super popular ones so that your child doesn’t end up like so many kids I grew up going to school with: Ashley B, Ashley E, Ashley C…. see what I mean?

Babycenter.com has the full list which placed Sophia and Liam at #1 for girls and boys respectively. Sophia has been in the top girl names for 11 years so it’s really going to lose its unique quality. Second place went Olivia and Noah. Jackson is pretty high up there for the boys and Riley for girls.

My mom named all three of her children in the top 5 most popular names in the years we were born. I remember always wishing I had a really unique name and often trying to change it on my school papers just to stand out. There have been studies that show giving your kids a more unique name makes them more confidant. Take it from one of the “most populars”…branch out!