7-Eleven Day Is Cancelled, But The Free Stuff Is Not

engaged couple with slurpees at a 7 Eleven

Since 2002, 7-Eleven has given out free Slupees on July 11, but that won’t happen this year thanks to COVID-19. It’s usually their busiest day of the whole year according to USA Today. That would welcome some pretty poor social distancing in the stores because the people like their free Slurps.

Instead, the convenience store chain is opting to reach out to the community in two different ways.

First, the chain plans to donate one million meals to Feeding America!

And second, it will offer some freebies in the month of July that you can take advantage of using their 7Rewards loyalty program (sign up here). In July, members will get a coupon for a free medium Slurpee and anyone using theĀ 7NOW delivery app will be able to get a whole pizza for $5.