The ‘Titanic’ Door That Jack Couldn’t Fit On Just Sold For A Whopping $800K -Who Bought It?


The “door” that saved Kate Winslet’s Rose – and doomed Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack – just sold at auction.

The fateful chunk of wood from 1997’s Titanic fetched a whopping $718,750 during Heritage Auctions’ Treasures from Planet Hollywood event. It was also the piece of memorabilia that brought in the highest amount – beating iconic props like Indiana Jones’ bullwhip from Temple of Doom and Jack Nicholson’s ax from The Shining.

While commonly referred to as a door, the auction notes the ornate structure was “in reality part of the door frame just above the [ship’s] first-class lounge entrance.” There’s been a real-life debate for decades on whether or not the door could have supported “Jack” if ‘Kate” would have just moved over. Here’s what director James Cameron had to say: James Cameron resolves ‘Titanic’ door debate on movie’s 25th anniversary : NPR