Sir Paul McCartney Says He Regrets Something He Said To His Mom- True Meaning Behind “Yesterday”

If you’ve ever had a tragic breakup there are several go to songs to drown your sorrows in and help you come out the other side. This girl has been there done that and bought the ride too many times! And for me and most likely thousands of others The Beatles classic “Yesterday” is high on the ballad list. But wait now Sir Paul has revealed that this is not really a love song ballad. What?

Apparently, Sir Paul McCartney still longs for “Yesterday.”

The legendary Beatle revealed that he remains haunted by a regretful remark he made to his late mother Mary — and that regret lives on in a legendary line from the number one hit song of 1965!

“Yesterday” has long been considered a breakup ballad, the classic lyric “I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday” but hang on, Sir Paul has shared that it’s actually a cry to his mother.

It was inspired by “feeling very embarrassed because I’d embarrassed my mom,” the 81-year-old Beatle reveals in the latest episode of his songwriter podcast. Find out more here:  “McCartney: A Life in Lyrics.”