David Lee Roth Burns Bridges with Wolfie Van Halen

Van Halen ended as a band with the 2020 passing of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, but tensions between the surviving members appear to be very much alive!

Former Frontman, David Lee Roth launched an angry tirade on his podcast Wednesday, against Eddie’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen, who played bass with the band from 2007 to 2015.  Wolfie is currently touring and finding success with his own band.

Here’s Roth mocking Wolfie for benefiting from nepotism and allegedly ordering people (specifically a Dame as Roth called her which is condescending by the way Diamond Dave) from backstage. There’s been no response from Wolfie but don’t be shocked fans if we hear from Mamma Wolf Valerie Bertinelli . Here’s Dave’s: David Lee Roth Slams Wolfgang Van Halen: ‘This F-in’ Kid’ (msn.com)