Dolly Parton On Why Elvis Didn’t Get To Record Her Song “I Will Always Love You”

Dolly Parton will always love writing music. She describes it as sharing bits of her “soul” with the world. The music icon is also very protective of her life’s work. And that was the case with her song “I Will Always Love You” and Elvis covering it. The King of Rock N Roll loved Dolly’s song and he got all shook up when his manager Colonel Parker blew recording it for him!

Parton, who famously wrote, “I Will Always Love You,” said Presley was interested in recording her song, but the late icon’s then-manager wanted half of her publishing rights in exchange for the record. Dolly actually wrote the song as a farewell to her business partner and mentor Porter Wagoner expressing Parton’s decision to pursue a solo career.

A brilliant businesswoman, the 75-year-old country crooner explained she had to keep her publishing rights to herself, believing that it would support her in the future. Read more here: Dolly Parton Explains Why Elvis Didn’t Record ‘I Will Always Love You’ (