Beyoncé Is Banning Drugs and Alcohol on Her Upcoming Tour

What’s a tour without drugs and alcohol?  People who work for Beyoncé are about to find out.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella)

While she hasn’t even announced any Renaissance Tour dates yet, the not-always-reliable British tabloids say she’s keeping everyone on a tight leash.

Drugs and alcohol will be strictly banned not only during the tour, but during rehearsals as well.

She’s also doing #MeToo checks on dancers, band, and crew members.  A source says, “Bey knows the new performances will require intense choreography and precision, so everyone has to be clean and sober.

“There won’t be any crazy partying on the road either.”

She’s also providing the crew with mental health resources because, “She knows people are happiest when they know their well-being is fulfilled.”