I’ll tell you what… my dreams of owning a large animal statue have always been around. Since the days of My Two Dads I realized what could be possible with decorating a house and so I secretly always aimed for it. Now… it’s not quite a large plastic dog like I am still planning to get one day BUT it’s closer than I was! My husband and I were coming back from The Louder Than Life festival in Louisville and he dragged me to some godforsaken used video game store so I also got to pick something we did. I looked up roadside attractions and found Concrete Kingdom! It’s in Clarksville, IN and at least on site they have 4,000 statues and the nice guy helping us told us their Facebook page has 7,000. So we took this awesome dragon and little green light pole type thing for the back yard. If you need a concrete anything they probably have it! -Nikki