Broccoli Rabe Is From The Devil

I found this easy looking recipe on Tik Tok (is this how every blog I write is going to start? Maybe… I can’t make promises) it had rice noodles, spicy chili sauce, and broccoli rabe. <—- and THIS is where the trouble began. I thought “broccolini tastes like broccoli…. so broccoli rabe must too!”. At no point did I do an ounce of research on it past that thought. Turns out… Broccoli Rabe tastes like if the Devil had some sort of infection on his foot and then made you lick it. Just…. AWFUL. Soooo bitter and of course I didn’t taste it before I threw it into the whole damn thing and melded those flavors so hard. It was ruined. Nick, my husband, a marine always says “I ate MRE’s I can eat anything with hot sauce on it” so it was another meal we doused in hot sauce but only after picking out every damn broccoli rabe so it was at least something we could choke down. Fail. Fail. Fail. I still recommend the rest of the recipe but definitely use another vegetable. -Nikkk