Most Of Us Prefer Snacking Over Full Meals

Source: Cole Dunbar

69% of Americans now prefer snacking throughout the day instead of eating full meals all at once.  But we know it’s not good for us, two-thirds of those people said they feel guilty about it.

We also constantly have snacks available now, 34% of us buy them in bulk.

Even with plenty of snacks on hand, we still don’t want to share though.  A third of people admit they sometimes hide their favorite snacks, so other people don’t eat them.  The most popular place to hide them is on top of the cupboards.

Here are the top five reasons people prefer snacks over meals

1.  You’re just hungry, and it soothes a craving.  50% agreed with that.

2.  They taste better, 40%.

3.  It’s more convenient, 38%.

4.  The variety, 37%.

5.  You’re too busy to make a full meal, 34%.