The Most Regretted Purchases Made During The Pandemic

Source: Cole Dunbar

The #1 thing they regret buying is gaming equipment, which isn’t surprising considering people had a lot of time in quarantine. 

Here are the Top 18 things we regret buying:

1.  Gaming equipment

2.  Tools or carpentry equipment

3.  Clothes or shoes

4.  Home gym equipment

5.  Musical instruments

6.  Pizza oven

7.  Hot tub or Jacuzzi

8.  Equipment for a sports hobby, such as fishing or golf

9.  Scooter

10.  Garden furniture

11.  Jewelry

12.  Kitchen appliances, like an air-fryer or bread maker. 

13.  Voice-activated assistant

14.  Smartphone / tablet

15.  TV

16.  Hobby equipment, like arts and crafts materials

17.  Computer equipment

18.  Bicycle