Wish You Had A Pool?


If you spent all summer green with envy over your friend’s pool and thought “we should get one” it’s important to do research before you take the plunge.

For starters you have to GET one. Depending on the size, inground or above let’s start in the $1,000-$3,000 range if you’re aiming for above ground. You likely have to pay to get it installed and filled. Next you need to buy all of the materials you need to maintain it.  And I’m not talking about pool noodles. Chlorine, skimmers, chemicals, a vacuum, all of that fun stuff, a cover, stuff to winterize it. Will you be building a deck around it?

Plus once you buy it that doesn’t mean the water goes in and your work is done. On average the monthly cost to maintain a pool is around $180 a month while in use if everything is working properly. Just pray nothing breaks. Repairs can easily climb into the $20,000 range for some of the bigger issues.

And if you’re not planning to do all of that cleaning and skimming yourself (which is what my parents did growing up and by that I mean they made us children do it) then you’re hiring a pool cleaning service. And don’t forget you’ll have to close it at the end of the season and then open again in the summer.

There’s a LOT to think about. So before you make the decision that you’re too good for the community pool ask yourself if all of that money and work is worth the amount of swimming you do.