How The Grocery Store Tricks Your Brain


Every store has tricks they use to get you to spend more. Sometimes its how the store is laid out or how things are labeled. put together a quick list of different ways this all goes down. Check out these sneaky ways stores may get that final total higher than you planned:

-The fresh flowers at the front are purposely put there to give you the appearance of freshness. You walk in, see, and smell those beautiful bouquets and it creates an automatic beauty vibe.

-The stacked crates of oranges and apples make it seem like they are filled with freshly picked products- straight from the truck but it’s very possible those have been there a while. Some store bought apples can be there as long as 14 months.

-The location of the milk is 100% on purpose. So often you just need of swing in and grab a jug of milk but darn it… it’s all the way in the back. BECAUSE the store makes it that way, They hope as you walk by loads and loads of other items headed to the dairy aisle you’ll end up buying more than that milk and usually it works.

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