If You Are An Adult You Better Not Put Ketchup On Your Hot Dog

Have plans to grill this weekend? Did you know there are hot dog rules? It’s considered wrong to eat it with utensils and putting ketchup on it is only something a child should do (these are weird whoever rules, in my opinion you can put strawberry jelly on it for all I care- if it makes you happy do it!). Mustard is the most popular but you do you.  They also got their name from a cartoonist who saw a vender selling hot dachshund sausage dogs at a baseball game in New York and since he didn’t know how to spell dachshund he wrote hot dogs which then caught on.  But ball parks aren’t the place where the most hot dogs are sold- it’s actually 7-Eleven! In North America they sell around 100 million a year.


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