4 Things House Flipping Shows Don’t Show You

I can sit for hours and watch HGTV, I love a good reveal of a flipped house. It also can give you great ideas of what you could upgrade on your own house. But on Today.com there is a great story from an actual flipper of the things you DON’T see on the shows that might change whether or not you want to join in the fun.

Probably not a shock but you don’t see half of the work on screen. Obviously there are teams of people working nonstop to knock down walls, put up drywall, change out lighting fixtures, etc.


The cost! So many invisible things pop up that require money you may not have planned on or didn’t think it would be more than budgeted. We see the glamourous, everything worked out, and we made tons and tons of money side for the sake of TV.


Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it’s worth that much. The sparkly chandelier and white granite may look amazing and bring up the price on a house that may not necessarily be worth that much. Make sure you aren’t over paying for the cosmetics.


If you want to give it a shot it will cost you! Just to want to flip isn’t the same as understanding getting a home up to code, management kills, tools, skills for buying and selling as well. So it may cost you to take classes to get good at doing it before you really start to make good money.