Dog Patio Etiquette

The weather is getting warmer and we have so many cool places in Indy that will let you bring your best dog pal to the patio!  However, it’s always a good idea to brush up on the way to be a polite dog owner in a public place. Some dogs do super great in that environment and some may not handle the crowds and stranger dogs as well. Know your dog, they are animals and they have limits. If you know it hates sitting still for long periods of time or tends to get aggressive when other dogs come up to them it may not be the environment for them.  Use a shorter leash too- this is not the place for the 15 ft retractable leashes and letting them wander all over. Keep them close, it’s polite for other diners who may not want dogs around their table and its respectful of other dog’s space. Bring treats! It’s a food heavy environment and you may need to keep the treats handy to make sure your furry friend doesn’t try to get scraps one table over. Bring a water bowl in case the restaurant doesn’t provide them- not all of them do. And also maybe a favorite bone or toy, sitting around waiting on your owner can be kind of boring so having something to do helps!


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