4 Ways To Help Form A New Habit


Sometimes we want to create a new habit but how do we get it to stick? When you try to get a new thing going it may be difficult and despite our best efforts it doesn’t work. Why can’t I just sit down and read for 20 minutes every day? Or why is it so hard to commit to working out 4xs a week? Well PsychologyToday.com has a few suggestions on ways to help those new habits stick.

1. Find a pleasant way. Is there an easy, even fun version of the new habit you’re trying to accomplish? Or maybe giving yourself a reward for meeting little milestones like you worked out every day you wanted to so maybe you get to go see a movie you wanted to see? Make it exciting to succeed!

2. Make it convenient. If you’re trying to eat healthier, have easy to eat healthy meals ready to go so it’s an easier choice to make.

3. Routinize. Link the new habit to something you never skip. You want to floss every night before bed? Put the floss on the night stand or right next to the toothpaste so you can’t miss it and it becomes easier to do every night.

4. Pilot. The first time you attempt this it may not be perfect- you may need to tweak the plan. So understand that pilot program means adjustments may need to be made so it works for your life and that’s ok. Don’t say “I’m only running” and then when running sucks give up on exercise. Instead say “exercise” and allow yourself to adjust to something you enjoy doing so you’re more likely to do it.