Do You Fall In Love Quickly? You Might Have Emophilia.


If you are the kind of person who falls in love really quickly and often you might have what psychologists call Emophilia. It’s also referred to as “emotional promiscuity” which I don’t LOVE as a name because it feels negative but it mostly means you have so many feelings to go around lol.  So how do you know if you’re just super loving or you have Emophilia? says people with Emophilia…


  • spend every waking hour with a new romantic partner they just met
  • say “I love you” on a first date
  • feel like they’re deeply in love with multiple people at the same time
  • have little recovery time between shifting emotional investment from an ex-partner to a new partner.

So is falling in lover super fast and often bad? Not always but there can be some issues. People with Emophilia can sometimes miss giant red flags early on in a relationship and can choose people who are toxic or bad for them. They can also get a feeling of losing all sense of self when a relationship ends. If you put everything you are into it and its over you don’t know who you are.