What To Expect From The Next iPhone Update

Female Cell phone close-up hand outdoor message sms e-mail

By @emilyontheradio

Sometime next week, the 14.5 iOS update will be available for your iPhone and here’s what you can look forward to… or ignore until the phone updates itself in the middle of the night to spite your aversion to change…

  • Siri’s voice
    • There will be new options for Siri’s voice that you can pick
    • More natural with smoother transitions between words
  • Unlocking your iPhone while wearing a mask
  • New privacy features
    • Users will have the option to consent to¬†Identification For Advertisers, a way for companies like Facebook to track what individual users are doing online
  • Apple Music won’t have to be the default audio app
    • You may be able to set your default audio to something like Spotify, so when you ask Siri to play something, she uses your app of choice
  • This weird thing where it flags “Asian” as adult content
    • You’ll have to click here for that explanation…

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