Bleeding Before Your Cut: Do You Have Anticipatory Anxiety?

Do you like that picture? I mangled myself trying to cut a frozen sausage tube because I am not an intelligent person. Real dumb.


Pandemic life has lead us to many different types of anxiety and depression, probably kinds we never even knew existed. Anticipatory Anxiety can be one of those and you may not even realize you’re doing it. According to Psychology Today anticipatory anxiety is worry about the future, and the fear that bad things might happen or that you might become unable to successfully accomplish what you set out to do.   It can start out with a thought like “I’m afraid of spiders” and then you become afraid of being afraid. You worry so much ABOUT having to worry about spiders that that creates a new version of anxiety. You’re anxious about being anxious. So maybe you shouldn’t leave the house because you don’t want to have to stress about spiders. Then we get worried we WILL get anxious… afraid of being afraid of being afraid so we avoid any situation that might make us potentially consider the idea of being stressed. That’s a pretty big hill to tackle, huh?  Professionals suggest working on the root reason for your anxiety, possibly seeking out a counselor to help with that, because who wants to be worried about being worried all of the time? That’s no way to live- break out of those bad habits and find your happy. 🙂