Tinder Reveals Top 10 Trends On The App In 2020

(Image by Mactrunk from depositphotos)

By @emilyontheradio

Tinder rounded up the top 10 trends on the dating app this year. Here are the major takeaways from what happened on the app in 2020:

  1. Support for the Black Lives Matter movement
  2. Pandemic pickup lines… yes, even I’ve gotten “I’d like to quarantine with you”
  3. TikTok and Tinder went hand in hand
  4. Wearing a mask (correctly) was a non-negotiable
  5. Voting was a priority… people wanted to see that you exercise that right to vote
  6. Carole Baskin was a big topic of conversation… did she kill her husband?
  7. Animal Crossing was used to bond with others
  8. There was a lot of shrugging… as in the emoji
  9. “WAP” was common in bios
  10. The Passport feature was not ignored… people met people from all over

There’s a cute video to go with it: