Get A Starbucks Cold Brew That Tastes Like An Andes Mint

starbucks cup

By @emilyontheradio

The holiday season is the best time to spread cheer to others… and make it up as you go at Starbucks. Tip your baristas!

Here’s what to ask for if you’re jonesing for that after-you-just-had-Olive-Garden chocolatey fix (and I always am):

  • Venti Cold Brew
  • 3 pumps Mocha
  • 3 pumps White Mocha
  • Regular cold foam
  • 2 pumps Peppermint (blended in)
  • Chocolate curls on top, if you’re feeling high maintenance

Shout out to Delish for this fab idea. If you don’t wanna ask for all that… there is always the trusty, warm Peppermint Mocha.