There’s A Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t already watched a Hallmark Christmas Movie this year. What can I say, I’m a huge fan!

Good Housekeeping is also a fan and came up with a Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game. So grab your bottle of wine and your tv remote and get ready for some fun!

Here’s the rules:

Take a Drink When …

  • Two attractive people bump into each other.
  • Someone mentions how much they hate Christmas.
  • Someone complains about the “big city.”
  • You see a Balsam Hill Christmas tree.
  • The town goes caroling.
  • They make Christmas cookies.
  • Two characters almost kiss.
  • A character has a tight deadline.

Finish Your Drink When …

  • A character rediscovers the magic of Christmas.
  • There’s a misunderstanding between the main characters.

Take a Shot When …

  • The main characters fall in love.
  • It starts snowing when the main characters kiss.

Samantha Ripperger