It’s A Dog Birthday Pawty!


Marbles, my dog, turns roughly ten this weekend!! I say roughly because when I adopted him the people who had found him (Shout out to FACE Low Cost Animal Clinic!) sort of guessed on his age to start. He was young but his body was grown so they guessed he was around one. Now this frosted face fellow has lived a decade and I thought now that I have a home full of children it was the perfect time to throw him a real birthday party! Here’s the rundown of plans for this weekend’s festivities. (All credit to Pinterest, btw. I can’t come up with this on my own.)



Hot Dogs (naturally)

Paw-sta Salad

Ruff-age- Carrots and Broccoli which Marbles LOVES

Puppy Chow



Popcorn catching! One of Marbles’ favorite activity so why don’t we ALL join in?

Puppy cake made out of peanut butter & bananas

Cleaning up the dog barf that will likely happen based on the multitude of snacks


Happy Birthday Marbles!!