Cooking Tips You Never Knew You Needed From Pro Chefs

We all have been doing a lot more cooking at home and probably learning how much we DON’T know as a result. I’m constantly watching Top Chef or Worst Chefs in America (they do a ton of teaching demos for the bad chefs) trying to learn what I can about proper ways to cook. had a list of great tips from professional chefs that might help you out especially with all of that holiday cooking looming! Check out a few that blew my mind….

Salt in the hand not in the pan: Don’t shake spices or salt directly into a hot pan- that’s what clogs the holes; the steam making the seasoning wet. Pour them into your hand THEN the pan- it also prevents over salting/seasoning.
Electric Stoves are hotter than gas stoves: a good temp on one can be burny on another so make sure you adjust.
Splash that gravy with a bit of cider vinegar: Chefs say the acid will finish out the flavor profile and rock your gravy world.
Blot wet meat thoroughly with a paper towel: When meat is wet or has some moisture on it it can’t crisp or caramelize properly. The blotting will get rid of that barrier and the meat will cook the right way.
Taste along the way:  If you taste it as you go you have a chance to fix it and save the dish instead of putting it on the table and THEN realizing it’s busted
Kitchen scissors: In some scenarios these work better than knives. Use it to cut pizza, herbs, vegetables, meats. It can be faster and create less mess.
Course Salt: There’s a reason table salt is called table salt. That very fine salt is more of an after-type addition but when you’re cooking that course salt will do a better job of flavoring your meals
Freeze cheese: Throw it in the freezer for 20-30 mins before grating- it will help it go much faster and it won’t goo up the grating holes.