You Can Thank Cinderella For Pumpkins

I hit up Tuttles Orchard to pick out my first ever pumpkin patch pumpkin this weekend! (Long story, weird religion growing up, that’s a blog for another time.) Usually I go to the closest grocery store and grab one when I do get pumpkins which is very rare. So, my fiancé decided I needed that full experience so off we went. I even picked one still connected to the vine because again…I needed the full experience.


But did you know that we could be calling those orange gourds something way funnier but a fairy tale changed that.  I found this in a list of fun facts about pumpkins at . There was a French explorer in 1584 who saw them and called them “gros melons”…which is not quite GROSS melons but they really are gross melons so I’m into that. Gros melons translated in English to “pompions” which SORT of sounds like pumpkins. And then the fairy tale Cinderella was where we first saw the modern word pumpkin.