DIY Easy Halloween Costumes For Hilarious People

I still haven’t decided my Halloween costume yet and no one has yet to talk me out of “Radio-saurus” but in case you don’t know either here’s some fun DIY options for you!


HOLY COW: Just cover yourself in spots and grab some wings and a jug of milk and you’re ready to go!

It’s Raining Men: Print out pictures of men’s faces, tie them with string into the inside of an umbrella, and throw on your rain boots.

Spice Rack: Need a super last minute one? Throw a bra on outside of your shirt, shove a bunch of spices in there, and rock-n-roll!

Leaf Blower: Take a leaf on a string, tape it to the brim of a baseball hat, and when people ask what you are blow on the leaf

Formal Apology: Dress up in nice clothes and wear a sign around your neck that says “I’m Sorry”

Smarty  Pants: Grab a bag of smarties, tape those to your jeans, tadaaa!