Lots of Puppies Sharing People Pillows

More and more people are letting their furry pals crawl under their sheets with them at night. If I didn’t have to share my bed with a human I would have the whole thing filled with dogs but that guy that I’m marrying keeps saying 14 dogs in a bed is too many which is making me reconsider my future plans. So instead Marbles just naps with me from time to time. But the Mayo Clinic did a study with people who slept with dogs and found that they both slept relatively well. It helps with stress and anxiety in many cases. It can lower blood pressure and people report to often feeling safer having their dog in the bed with them.  There are of course many people whose dog (like mine) like to hog the bed and slowly turn horizontal leaving you a tiny corner to curl yourself up into so I get why not everyone is rushing to have their puppy in the sheets but if you’re doing it and loving it- keep doing you!