Tia Mowry Spills Her Most Embarrassing Childhood Story

(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Earlier this month my favorite childhood show, Sister Sister, premiered on Netflix and I’ve been nostalgic ever since. So when I saw that Savannah Guthrie interviewed Tia Mowry I just had to watch it!!

On this episode of Six Minute Marathon, Tia shared her favorite family tradition, which of her pieces of work she re-watches, and her most embarrassing story.

When chatting about the most embarrassing thing from her childhood, Tia said, ” My brother was on this show with Patti LaBelle called Out All Night and there was this famous group that was on the show and they were a singing group called Shy. I ended up pulling my hand out of my coat pocket and it was a tampon.” OMG!

Watch the full interview below!

Samantha Ripperger