2 Beers And A Puppy Determine Who You Can Trust

Sometimes there are people in our lives we wonder “why exactly do I keep them around?”. If you’re looking the thin the herd here’s a way to determine who to keep around. Look at that person and ask yourself “would I have two beers with them?” and “would I let them watch my new puppy for the weekend?”. Writer Ross McCammon originally developed this for an Esquire article. If you say yes to both those are the ones you want to keep in your life. If you would sit and have two beers with someone but wouldn’t necessarily let them watch your puppy you generally like them but you should approach that friendship with caution because the trust isn’t fully there. No beers but dog sitting means you trust them but don’t really like them.  If you don’t want to have the beers OR let them watch your dog those are the people you need to tell to kick rocks.


Now let’s all go get beers and puppies!!

This is the full picture I made Marbles pose for. He got a treat but no beers because he’s only 10 which means he’s underage.