Introducing Reese’s Snack Cakes [LOOK]

(Photo by karenr from Depositphotos)

By @emilyontheradio

It’s not even October yet, but I’m already talking about new candy from Reese’s. Or is it a snack because technically it’s a “snack cake?” Whatever and however you decide to categorize this treat is up to you. It’s going to be a thick chunk of chocolate cake topped with a peanut butter cream… and then all of that is covered in chocolate. Take a look:

Note that it’s made with REAL chocolate… for all those times you’re halfway through wolfing down delicious peanut butter cups thinking “Wait, is this a good idea?”

My question is… Will it be better than Reese’s eggs and pumpkins — the best versions of the candy? We’ll all get to find out soon enough how we feel about it because, according to Delish, these bad boys will hit American convenience store in December 2020.