What’s That For?


Are you a curious person who sees small things on every day items and wonders “what’s that for?”?  Well wonder no more! Let’s learn!

The tiny dot between your iPhone camera lens and the flash:
The black spot serves to omit the noise from the surroundings and provide better audio quality when shooting video. It reduces background noise and records more precise information in a crowded place.
The red lined margins on the side of the pages of notebook paper:
Earlier, when most homes were infested with rats, the manufacturers of the notebooks made the margin concept so that even if the rats nibbled the edges, the writing would not be affected.


Childproof pill bottle caps that are threaded on both sides:
 If you use it the other way around, it can be opened very easily. So, when kids are not around or you have an elderly person who has trouble with the childproof caps, you can easily unscrew the cap.


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