No Slip N’Slide? No Problem!


It’s not easy to entertain the kiddos (or we grown adults either for that matter) once they’ve watched every single toy being opened on Youtube and played Uno for the 19th time this week.  We’ve seen bike sales sky rocket, frisbees selling out, and now the latest toy to take the world by storm again: The Slip N’ Slide. Wham-O toys said the sales doubled every day for 10 days until they were completely out! And since many public pools have either closed down or had restricted times we need to cool down but HOW? Slip N’ Slide shelves are bare so this is what my parents used to do:

-Get a tarp from the garage

-Lay in out on the grass (angle it on a hill for extra fun!)

-Spray dish soap all over it

-Start spraying it with the hose

-Tell the kids to run and plummet their little bodies down the tarp and slide until it hurts!