Door Dash Tells Us The Top 10 Food Orders Of 2020

food delivery person

No one expected 2020 to be like this, but here we are making it work despite the obstacles. Many restaurants are making ends meet by offering takeout and delivery. You’ve probably used a third party delivery service like Door Dash or Uber Eats when supporting those businesses during the pandemic. It’s almost August, so we’re over halfway through and door Dash just released it’s mid-year Deep Dish report.

According to Door Dash, the top 10 most popular items ordered in 2020 have been:

  1. chicken sandwich + fries
  2. mac ‘n’ cheese
  3. spicy shrimp taco
  4. pizza
  5. iced coffee
  6. California roll
  7. breakfast burrito
  8. chicken fajitas
  9. spicy tuna roll
  10. fish + chips

Some fun tidbits in the blog were:

  • Plant-based food are on the rise.
  • The most expensive single order this year was $2,578.
  • More people are ordering breakfast foods.

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