An Update On Another Stimulus And Extended Unemployment Money

writing a check

There’s a lot up in the air right now when it comes to questions like “Will there be a second stimulus check?” and “Will the additional $600 a week for unemployment really end in July?”

Well, here are some answers… Kind of.

According to USA Today, when it comes to a second round of stimulus checks, both republicans and democrats agree that more money needs to go out to the American people. However, they’re stuck in a disagreement about who should get more money. Republicans are leaning toward only providing additional financial assistance to individuals who make $40k or less per year. Democrats seem to want to stick with the original cutoff used in the first round and send money to people who make $75k or less  in a given year.

A decision has yet to be made, buuuuuut regardless it sounds like there will be another round of checks to go out.

As for extended unemployment insurance… folks who are collecting unemployment have been receiving an extra $600 a week on top of whatever unemployment they qualified for. That extra dough is set to stop at the end of July. There are questions of if it will be extended. The big takeaway in this congressional debate is that our lawmakers are concerned that the extra money has become a “disincentive” to return to work… Because why go back to work when you can make all the money you need staying home away from all the sickness? Instead there is talk of a bonus for returning to work.

So is that a definite answer? Not really. But it seems like there’s still some money to go out to people; whether it’s extended unemployment or a bonus for returning to work is to be determined.

USA Today will give you a more grown-up explanation here.