NBC’s Peacock TV Is Live But Good Luck Watching It

Peacock logo on smartphone screen. High quality photo.

I was just thinking the other day… You know what we need? More streaming channels. Just kidding. But the media companies have to compete, so they’re probably not gonna stop popping up. (Hopefully that will help keep their prices down — I’m looking at you, Netflix.)

NBC launched Peacock TV today, but there’s one major hurdle still in the way of watching it. The media giant is not offering the streaming service on Roku or Amazon Fire. At least not yet. There’s some hardball business-y stuff that would have to be worked out to make that possible, but according to CNET the two platforms are used by 70% of streaming players. Yikes.

If you wanna use the new service on your phone, though, you can find it on Apple and Android! It’s also available on your computer, so whip out that laptop.

AND THERE’S ACTUALLY A FREE OPTION… You read that right. Free!

As long as you can stand some ads, users will be able to use Peacock to access about two thirds of the content library.

Want alllll the shows? Pay $5 a month for the Premium option with some ads. There’s also a 7-day free trial for this, so if you can binge all of The Office in one week, go for it!

You can get all the shows without ads with the Premium Plus plan for $10/month.

No matter if you choose a paid option or a free option you’re gonna have to sign up with email. But sign on up to get your 30 Rock fix!