Cole’s Wedding Update!

Here’s the latest update!

We are keeping our July 11th date! We decided to have an intimate ceremony with just our parents, siblings, priest and photographer, then we’ll have the big party in May of 2021. Over the last two weeks we’ve worked with the venue and vendors to try to piece together a date that would work for everyone like a puzzle.

This past week we got a call from the church telling us they are allowing us to have 100 people at the church. This was great news! We were able to invite our aunts, uncles and wedding party to the big day. BUT now we have to scramble to try to organize a small reception for our guests to attend afterwards.

A year ago we would have never expected things to turn out this way. It has been stressful and frustrating to try to reschedule. With things changing constantly it’s like trying to hit a moving target. If I have one piece of advice it would be don’t get married during a pandemic…

But as crazy as these past few months have been the best thing we can do for ourselves is to stay positive. We are lucky to be surrounded by great friends and families who have been supportive through it all. We are extremely excited for both our July and May weddings. What’s better than one wedding is two right!?