Lisa Kudrow Still Has A Unique Prop From TV Show “Friends”

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Lisa Kudrow played everyone’s favorite funny blonde, Phoebe Buffet, on the hit show Friends. From classic songs such as “Smelly Cat” to making me belly laugh with her witty comebacks, Lisa was definitely a stable on the show.

With great shows, come iconic props and I’ve always wondered if any of the cast members took anything from set on the last day. I know I would probably take a mug from Central Perk and probably the frame from the back of Monica’s purple door. Lisa on the other hand, has a more obscure object that only true “Friends” fans will know. She chatted with Jimmy Kimmel yesterday and dished on what prop she has and the hilarious story behind it. In fact, it’s pictured in the thumbnail below!

-Samantha Ripperger