Here’s Where You Can Go During The Stay At Home Order In Indiana


Governor Holcomb has issued a Stay at Home order in effect March 25 through April 7. The order puts more restrictions in place than we currently have in Indiana, but there are still places you can go.

Grocery stores will still be open. Don’t worry about stockpiling food and toiletries (although no matter how many times you say it, people still will. Still trying to find toilet paper out in this crazy world). Additionally, pharmacies will be open and carry out/delivery from bars and restaurants will still be available.

If you need to go to the doctor or vet, make sure they have an opening, if they do, you’re a-okay to go. You can also go outside to walk your dog, get some air and check on family members—just stay six feet away from people.

Gas stations will also still be open, as will post offices, laundromats, some daycares and hardware stores.

What about work? Well, if your job is deemed essential, you can still go. For that list, go to THIS Indy Star article.

Please take these restrictions seriously. The sooner we do, the sooner we can get back to “normal” life. And the sooner we can flatten that curve.

For more info, go to Indy Star.