A New Flavor Of Peeps Is About To HEAT UP Your V-Day

Rainbow color marshmallow peeps and jelly beans.

This just in: it’s not even Easter yet, but Peeps are hatching early this year. According to People, Kroger stores will sell you Hot Tamale-flavored Peeps for a limited time. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you’re putting together things to show some love for your boo, maybe you pick up some of these bad boys…

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It’s Review Time! 🐰🔥🔥 This Easter season is coming in hot, literally! @peepsbrand has teamed up with @hottamalescandy and decided to merge together to bring us a new 2020 Easter candy! I present, Hot Tamale Peeps! • • Now I wanna start of with this before I get anyone’s hopes up! These are a @krogerco exclusive so if you don’t have one by you hit, up ebay or I’m sure peeps.com will get them possibly! A pack of these will run you about 2.50$ and you get 10 Peeps in a pack! As you can see in the pictures my Peeps were a little deformed 😂 the left eye was on top of their head, so it was more of a cyclops! Ahaha. The smell on these were AMAZING! Spot on smell to a Hot Tamale, the sweet and spicy cinnamon smell with every whiff! The taste itself I must admit as VERY faint but it is there, which kinda sucks. I wish the Hot Tamale flavor was powerful, like a Hot Tamale but with these Peeps its very subtle, which may be nice for some of my followers who aren’t big cinnamon or spicy fans! I also love how the whole inside of the Peep is dyed red, it was a really cool touch, considering most normal Peeps the marshmallow is white, no matter the flavor! Overall these are a great new addition to the @peepsandcompany family and since they are my favorite Easter candy I will for sure finish these off by the end of the night! 😂 8/10 🌟

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Let’s be real… Peeps can be as decisive as candy corn. You either like ’em or ya don’t.

They’re not my thing and doing a mashup with a spicy-hot candy doesn’t help. So if you ask me, I probably wouldn’t give these to someone I want to woo on Valentine’s Day… Maybe someone you don’t like instead like your crumby ex or your loud neighbor.