Demi Lovato’s Emotional Comeback [WATCH]


Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images


Listen, I’ve said it since the dawn of her career and I’ll say it again: DEMI LOVATO IS A POWERHOUSE! Not only is she, in my opinion, one of the best vocalists of this generation, but she delivers ALL of the emotions when she performs. Just watch this performance of her newest song ‘Anyone’ from this year’s GRAMMYs.

See what I mean? In all seriousness though, Demi Lovato has struggled quite a bit with addiction and mental heath. If you haven’t watched her documentary, I highly recommend. Demi openly shares some of the struggles she’s been facing. You can watch it HERE.

As you can see from Demi’s Instagram post about her GRAMMY performance, this moment meant so much to her. This song means so much to her. She wrote it just a few days before her last relapse that almost cost her life. I hope she knows we’re all listening. May 2020 bring Demi Lovato all the love and happiness she deserves.