Selena Gomez Releases New Album And Music Video [WATCH]

(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for New York Magazine)

It’s been five years since Selena Gomez released a new album and that all comes to an end today. Her newest project, Rare, includes 13 tracks, one being her latest hit, “Lose You To Love Me.” Each song has its own flair, but the overall feeling of the album can be summed up in one phrase: pop anthem.

Some people believe she hints at her ex Justin Bieber in several of her new songs including “Rare,” “People You Know,” “Look At Her Now,” and of course “Loose You To Love Me.”

According to, in the song “Rare” Selena sings “Baby // You’ve been so distant from me lately // And lately // Don’t even wanna call me your baby,” which could be a nod to Justin’s hit song, “Baby.”

She also released the music video to Rare today, and man isn’t it filled with pixie garden dreams?

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Samantha Ripperger