The Disney+ Launch Had A Few Problems

We’ve been waiting for it, and Disney+ finally launched yesterday, to quite a few problems.

If you tried to log in and faced some glitches, you weren’t alone.

Here’s a brief list of some of the glitches and technical issues that were part of the THOUSANDS of complaints about the launch:

  • some people couldn’t access the service
  • some people couldn’t access some of its features
  • some people couldn’t sign up
  • some people couldn’t log in
  • some people couldn’t get it to load on their Smart TV’s or PlayStation Apps
  • some titles were “unavailable” after people clicked on them
  • some titles had long load times
  • sometimes the app even crashed once something was exited out of
  • some titles had widescreen issues

Disney issued a statement yesterday saying that consumer demand exceeded their expectations, and they were working on the problems.

Hopefully soon, we’ll be streaming with no issues.