Nikki The Halloween Freak: Shrunken Heads

I had a few small plastic skulls that I needed to turn into shrunken heads. I made sort of a cheap paper machet paste. Just throw some Elmer’s glue into a cup of hot water and grab some thin napkins or newspaper if you have it. (I had picnic napkins on hand.)

Dip a paintbrush in the glue mixture and start dabbing the napkin onto the skull.

I added some hair because everything is creepier with hair.  On the one with hair I also left some spaces without napkins to add a “flesh fallen off” look.

This one was full coverage so it made the mouth look more soft and like it was missing teeth which was cool too.

Once the napkins are dry paint them however creepy you’d like!


These I used on a bone “chandelier” I made for the dining room with plastic bones and twine. (Ignore the blood splattered tarp behind them… nothing to see here.)


Happy Haunting!