People Regret These 4 Things Most When They Are Older


We can all look back at things in our lives and wish we would have done it differently. If you check this list from out maybe you can avoid these specific disappointments and save those regrets for the extra-large Stuffed Crust pizza you order and eat all by myself– I mean…. YOURself…


  1. Not Asking For Help: Studies say that asking for help actually makes you look smarter to others around you.  It can also be a sign that you are challenging yourself. If you don’t have questions you’re probably not pushing yourself to grow.
  2. Trying To Make Bad Relationships Work: Spending a bunch of your life trying to fix a relationship that isn’t working is a waste of everyone’s time. Both people are then being held hostage in something unhappy rather than being free to move onto something that is better for everyone.
  3. Dwelling On Your Mistakes And Shortcomings: Take those things and learn from them but to sit and soak in how you messed up or all the things you aren’t is pointless. It can hold you back in life.
  4. Worrying Too Much About Other People:  What other people think about you or being jealous of them is wasted energy! If you focus on yourself and your happiness you won’t regret the times you weren’t thinking about whether Leslie in sales thinks you’re annoying.

Now go be awesome!