Canadians Apologize So Much They Had To Make A Law


If you have ever visited our neighbors to the North you might have noticed everyone is exceptionally polite.  Canadians often use “sorry” as not just an apology but as an expression of sympathy or even to someone ELSE who is at fault.  Someone runs into them? The run-ee often still says sorry.

You might have heard in the US if you are in a car crash, for example, saying you’re sorry at the scene can be an admission of guilt. That was becoming a problem for Canadians who overuse the word, so they decided to adjust the laws, according to Canadian site The Loop. The Apology Act was introduced in 2009 to help the well-mannered hockey fans in certain situations. So when they are sorry that there WAS a car crash or sorry you smashed their ride they still aren’t admitting guilt.

Talk about Sorry Not Sorry!! 😉