Could We BE More Excited? ‘Friends’ Is Heading To The Big Screen!

How you doin’?

Well I’m doin’ fantastic because Friends is coming back! Yes, you heard me right and it’s going to be better than ever, or should I say bigger than ever.

According to WTHR, “for the 25th anniversary of the hit sitcom ‘Friends,’ Fathom Events is offerings screenings of the 12 fan-favorite episodes over three nights. The event is called ‘Friends 25th: The One with the Anniversary.’”

It’s going to be so different seeing Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe larger than 10 inches tall, or otherwise described as the height of my computer screen.

So if you want to join me in what I’m titling “The One Who Camped Out at the Movies” to see my fav friend group (pun intended) on the big screen, the more the merrier.

See the full list of episodes and participating theaters here.