This is a VERY Important Survey: Giraffe or Zebra? Choose One!

Monday, March 20th

If you could only choose one favorite animal, a giraffe or a zebra, which would it be? This and many other important questions are posed here as KJ helps some local second graders with their survey!


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What does seven on the make sure my little fun right now forget it it's Monday that its rainy. We've got some can't tear second graders mrs. porter's class you've got to survey for first quest to top slot which is battered giraffe or zebra you other answers the second greatest out and a lot of time into the survey. You need to make a decision. My neighbor and a is interact because April's giraffes and giraffes mom and these your babies agency and you know. I cannot meet the what is innkeeper and now in Egypt I would choose not to. All take the rest of the Chris and mix FaceBook page the I second graders are counting on you to tee it's a very important questions like do you like poking around. Do you like pizza or sit better.