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Thursday, May 25th

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Hello my friends my fellow nerds it is KJ and in this cage and -- news. Our attacks are worse I talk Wonder Woman about a way June 1 7 PM that is our sneak preview at studio movie grill. You can get ticket straight out in these mixed dot com. And all of the changes with the Justice League and my friend Tom Davis is here to talk about it all I am. Shocks that you already I don't know. What's been going on a Star Wars this week so what about this in Vanity Fair Star Wars thing I cannot believe Tom that I saw something before you and that's not ruin any thing I know. I ya like to know a lot about the movie gallery and pretty I don't and role clean slate right now and I'm going and a lot. Friday night you know I don't I just put a blindfold on and I sit down and ready for the experience are we talking about movies and I. A so Vanity Fair has four earned. Four covers for this for the last Jenna it's not for the hogs solemn nobody's got excited about that. You know what I saw a picture of him as console I don't know detection from the movie to some some fan drew a gaffe. But it kind of looks a little bit like arms like it's the first time I've softened on the idea it's not that I don't like gala it's. Did you see. King's men. Chains remind her present kings manic Collins church is that we can't let the ads and have a sequels coming out later this series this week. All of a historical move. About Jean Philippe. Oh yeah low I notice there's still aren't sure why not out out out out out your thinking your mentally the Philippines meant no way. Well I'm does that movie joy. I don't know how I act taste and it was Colin Firth Samuel Jackson's tranda. It basically I kill off humanity it was our wryly. Outlandish. From a very neat. Obscure comic if you see that you're need to watch it because it's really get okay all right now I am like completely lost on us but. The kid that was in the hat he's like the perfect console and I think when they announced the movie. I just wanted to him to be console I was like I'll only be OK with this if if if this kid is console I'm drawing a blank on his name right now. It's a different eager to yet a different kind of name yet. So it's not gonna really roll off your tongue like Harrison Ford left right right you know that I was like this kid he can totally play Han solemn let me sit in a plot apparently Steven Spielberg was at a party. Like a birthday party. And he saw all these kid and he said listen there's a guy I wanted to play console. Is that the guy who's doing it now that's why I'm mad about it well then I wanted to get an and they pick somebody else it's kind of unknown and I was like not. I don't know this yeah I know this kid to glance around what's on the magazine covers additionally. And not. So I know it's it's a podcast let me show you watch him pitch to hunt for less Gary not so there's why you went. With ray and Luke OK and then there's wide net there's like a bad guy one with pilot and he's not wearing his mask I think that we've all figured out that in this one. They were pretty much seeing tireless base. Through the whole thing I'm I'm wondering OK so you see the trailer he smashes his mask or whatever yeah I'm wondering if like he has a new Vader mask made and he likes starts wearing back. Food that's perhaps get right that's right it's question I got my -- say yeah I mean every picture that I seen so far from last movie he is Asean's mask itself. Maybe he's he he yes. And I don't Manila and he's think it's a Disney scene like that we paid a lot of money for this guy and like read your data and yeah. The beautiful man let's CM. I had a check from my game after around two's captain has not you can see her that I looked in the Vanity Fair cover she does not have her helmet on and the first thing that happened when I posted on FaceBook was someone went. Free throw and start. It a lot of like these people are taking let me see your picture up so I'm sure you all for them there's one with with Powell in fan and one of the new characters smack. And around here then Tom look at the fourth line. OK we've. We've got ray include yeah me are much you off asthma. And not weird guy the kid he's too young to run the empire but he still doing it yeah and then there's Pablo and then. Fan and some Schechter now she's there she's a new character and then of course there lack there is playing out. Our princess isn't it tragically beautiful he. And now I need Jared she just had to guarantee that and I salts you know she's in the trailer and she's so good in the trailer and what do you when he and it is I hate wouldn't real life ruins your fantasies how. I now well I mean I feel like it's probably worse for how her family and distrust Sharia but you know what of what a big family she has is all the people who love her. Outs and I tell you. You know up Eli are wished to and who went to Starr our celebration. He comes back and I he came and Stevie out Eddie brings you this poster. And it's a classic princess. PX and they only dead. They printed 8000 of these things are all numbers they all say you know Lucas films on them like these are collectibles and he sent I had. I got desperate going to. The can't all. And mark Hammel dead about Carrie Fisher and I just thought should happen while I like I tears start coming right what do jets. I've got it prominently displayed my finger at home and intern job. You know very first injured during 179 makes is over. At my house on Monday tempered alliance she comes of the house she's going after all my pictures from my excellent photo op. Stuff that I do are taking pictures of these celebrities and we get to Carrie Fisher and she got his. Who's back home. I. I say I heard at a point to the big picture of purchase land that is prominently display around. Like. And he half. Mojo and doing trusting me. Dell as she naive or are we old which one as it out. I had an intern you just the other day against injection works here but he's like who's Ric Flair Mike. Who's Ric Flair out did you get on the smacked man. The big shot. It just it's crazy sometimes I wonder liken my just who ruled for it to this job anymore I don't know I completely out of touch with reality and now so I'm and there are a lot of things that I need to catch you up on because you didn't know about the Vanity Fair start horse covers. Did you see the Spider-Man. Are trailer that night I mean is Tommy just came out like as we're talking right out eight hours ago. But I'd I'd say it's it's. It is he's he's a three times now we're gonna watch this like be rebooting it in the last 56 years he's Spider-Man he's he is the high school kid who's a big Smart ass. And Tony Stark just gave them a bunch attacked and he's gallantry look at the five minutes he was in Nam was that. Of the time. Isn't civil are civil war yes the five and if he's in civil war is better than this Andrew Garfield. Spiderman it up blood. I have nothing against Andrew Garfield that he might just bad he was he was a decent spider me. It was louima. Yeah but it it was a Peter Parker I mean it was Tobey Maguire movies over all over night I worse enemies exactly well this what's different and that's what I. I think what the other ones are missing what I mean is this kid having funding spider yeah I think the other day it was sort of a torture is. Iron Man and that's. Not that bad that's that's my transpired must inspire them so us Smart ass teenager is running around thinking he's got some good save the world nobody knows who yeah Frankie strong yeah. He can jump he can Lee became well a lot and he's weird kid that you know like you were weird kid in high school I wasn't weird kid in high school and I and I could've been spider be only if only right. Is the embodiment of the if only I aids it. I do it's I think I think it's going to be all right I'll watch it for a given a chance for you Alcan and and I next week under running comes out. You ready for them listen. I don't care to maybe get a nut she's gorgeous she and a gal can deal. I had Tia I don't warm up to her too I'm like an old curmudgeon when it comes my prayers. Does the first picture when they announced her IBC she hasn't had any Wonder Woman make over that she's just here's the actress it's going to be one run and I was like. Oh man Herman is yeah. Love god Diana and Amazon she's a tough. Muscular woman with a. Not sure but she's still beautiful yeah but I mean they've got to get a job I mean she has clearly put on some muscle and the way that they filmed her. You wouldn't gas she's little tiny thing I mean when she was in Batman and Superman I'm arms grade. Just aren't as part of the mood absolutely abandon my such a turn I can't. Horrible. Is like a snuff film watching that may be Superman and they had with the saint I. Well I make there was a vision for rent and they just kept. That they kept chopping it and chopping it until they didn't realize that it didn't make sense anymore I'm in a Mars just saying. Your clothes and you know. Voters. Oh why did he line. And maybe my mortal enemy and he just like. Randomly told me his mom's name was Peggy I'm. And I'm currently I don't shake your mom's name is Peggy my mom. I had this I have. Yet what my mom's name. Martha is what prompted to manipulate others so stupid I was just that they loved it. I I now would he biggest critic of that kind I don't isles was proven wrong with Heath ledgers Joker too so I've stopped. You know pre judging him after the performance that being said the guy who play Lex Luthor well it's terrible. Well now she wasn't terrible. Character terrible. I was I don't know it was like you trying to be the Joker in the Lex Luthor roll why he's walking around he sarcastic. Lex Luthor had everything under control. He controlled for you app I got. And then they it's somehow they cram in doomsday is you always have to do doomsday if you're riding Superman. You always have I stopped it yes she mayor brown for ninety years before dues taking stomp on a long I had I mean it's like people get stuck on. I panicked but speaking of which were about Zack Snyder that's crazy bread and yeah I mean I. I I when I first as I missed the first headline that he was stepping away so that next headline I thought was just. Just Sweden is taking cover directing justice laid out like. Yeah. Yeah. Write to me and I read the starring as like. Yet chair remain. I'm glad that this act realize. Is it I Hamachi went into that he tried it. Barry and shot back yeah try to jump right into work and Tony Gonzales. I don't care how important this movie is to the DC comic world. I'm. I'm not in a mind set to begin the real world comes first I just I was just wondering. It's so I was just we like is he not under contract with Marmol was I don't eat dinner did everybody just got me an ally this is. Did this is a situation where we don't argue about such I think I read where he was actually work he's been working with DC he's doing a bat girl movie how are that's right he acts and got on us so he's been around like tinkering with the Justice League a little bit but still like within that Zack Snyder world well and that's a sad I don't expect that's my he's not gonna go and get change because Josh took over de wet. They had just write some new scenes and and he is finishing directing those scenes that they. Arching right Mittal is here and they should nervous and got it right back and putting seems and that means at our finger and well you know. DC it's. Change hanging like let him do whatever your wants are usually injures wasn't masterpiece a summer blockbuster. Master absolutely. Loved it yeah so anyway all yeah I forgot adjusted to in the back Earl think that's how he's tied in and there is eight. DC superhero. Girls cartoon. Condit is in the works thought in the us and I feel so you've got to Wonder Woman you've got. You've got at 11 and somehow they're getting Harley Quinn into it are after all. Girl yeah act girl you've got that girl who has that cloak on I think innings the Howell or some I forget her name yeah. And hat yeah cruel. Determining who else I bet that when I saw I was it god I'm in the concept when I was reading and it looks like. That's not gonna be out to be a girly. Car team which I think is what girls who like superheroes need we don't need currently. We need women who are strong strong and and just as good as the man yet I it looks like that's what they're excited I am. And excited that for about boys and girls who are watching the superhero I've interviewed are you into super girl all I want yeah I'm not. I'm not. It's. Who Wear my hat and probably. An episode behind I don't think I see the finale I saw the first like I sultry and have seen it. So previous that if her fighting Superman on rooftop or what it gets a first time and every signal it. My check this out there every time they've brought that Superman in and the guy that plays him is good on every time that brought him in on Mike. Super curled his aides Superman and BC castle shall we are talking about I may I am the way that they that's sexist. I'm not really it was a big on it was a did they put it on CBS and it just didn't get the ratings I was like I mean. I don't CW and all of the rest of the DC superhero Russia sure that's where I actually did write yes and challenges and much better it was a little. It was a little units every TV show. The little clunky in the beginning. But I think there that lying to me of all of that DC shows this year aero flash. Legends of tomorrow's super girl is like has like blown everything away as far as the right in DC figure out TV but not movies out now you're out. Just have fun with it that's. Right yeah that's a marble does he just how I went just have fun it's not complicated and understand that. It's. A lot of the superhero story is just the same story over and over where OK without. You know we're okay we're watching the ordinary person becomes some extraordinary superhero and that. Struggles that they got to added that we know that's what it is. Let's just have some fun for goodness sakes stop. Raining. I. And every DC movie it's raining this recall is the movie ads in all a little sunshine in your life right right this movie should be a little ray of sunshine I mean there's got to be a play where. Sue Bird and seized up everything YouTube video that it. Buddy out at super and just bust out laughing. I had not control himself. As they cash in all that I am thank you that's that's all that we've got that's humans do not. They characters don't have GAAP and all they are super everything. Well listen I gotta go. I I will tell and I haven't. And I haven't seen a lot about Wonder Woman I didn't read any of their reviews but then at the first reviews are everywhere and saying it's the best DC and really. Up. Chris pine tree is high he's you know he's going to be well listen. You know they hand have to remember what role was green lantern peace he. Yeah green lantern wanted to am I believe it was green lantern but it was a big role they wanna hear and to be one of the super heroes and he said no. I wanna be in the want to run and I think like he was I I. Want to be that. Its standing there are a wonder what I mean listen he may have Ike. Ulterior motives I mean she's a beautiful woman. I specialists say next there for 33 months are make this matter I don't know that's meet talk and that's fine I'm I'm sure that there's a little bit of that with Crist I didn't.