KJ's Kinda Nerdy News 09-11-17

Monday, September 11th

How many red balloons up would you give IT? 


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Today's Canon dirty news some exciting news about Wonder Woman but first let's get into the biggest. Horror film. Unlike ever expected it broke. Box office records this week at a 123. Million dollars for opening weekends were it. I am terrified of clowns so I am not going to see it. But should you go see acts I've got candy back on with me she want tickets last week to our sneak preview and took her daughter. Who is terrified of clowns so how'd she do it and he. See you see in joy and a neighbor wanted. Really outlook everyday. How can my concern as this was gonna ruin your relationship with her and she's gonna tell and I not want it just seems to have you may yeah. And ready for therapy. You're finally here candy how many red balloons out would you give this movie and I. How many I can hole a lot on the rag and schedules. At Nellie went. Thank you candy she says you should go see X while Tim Peters. And that's of course are really terrified clowns like her daughter out guys see it because candy can't afford to pay for your ITT. Tech. Learn thirtieth years without free I'm very excited about this VOR I wonder and fanned. And you love what patty Jenkins had to do with that first movie you'll be happy to announce that they have officially it locked her in to direct the second. A hot movie as well the sequel will be hopefully just is awesome because it's a shame people got an act. I think a natural indicate James Cannon thirty years as Ollie you can keep up. On my FaceBook page go to KJ on air dot com to find our follow me on Twitter at KJ on here have a great too nerdy day.